2013 Dodge Small Car Spy Photos


You probably can remember how much we have talked about the Caliber’s replacement. Now we have even more details to share with you. Previously, we discussed that it would be a wider and more stretched out version of the Fiat’s compact car while having a sedan like body. The power behind the car comes from the Fiat’s turbocharged four -cylinder and possibly a reworked 2.0 liter from the Caliber.

When we last showed you pictures of the car we were able to see the front of the car really well. This time, we were able to see more of the car which allows us to give you a better idea as to what you can expect, exactly.

When looked at the body of the car we notice a squiggle pattern. Then when looking at the rear we notice that the tail lamps extend onto the trunk. When looking at the dash of the car we can see features from both the Charger and the Caliber. However, there is no need to fret because they actually look quite well together.

Currently, no name has leaked out about this new small car. But, we do know that it will be released sometime next year as one of the 2013 models and it will not be called the Hornet. We had to throw that in due to the fact that a model was named the “Charger Super Bee and the Challenger Yellow Jacket.  However, just because this car will not have the chance to be called the “Hornet” there is a good chance that a ‘Hornet” will be released in the future.


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