2013 Dodge Challenger Supercharged


All Dodge challengers out there ready to have a shock with the introduction of roaring Camaro ZL1 and Shelby GT500. This mysteriously camouflaged Challenger SRT8 392 has been captured recently on the public tracks. It is rumored that the challenger is long awaited high performance version having 550 bph approximately. With this the Eaton supercharger is going to take on Chevrolet and ford which are its top rivals.Having just 80 horsepower less than the Camaro ZL1 and 180 horsepower less than Shelby GT500, it is not justified to mark 470-bhp 6.4-liter V-8 engine which is found in the current Challenger SRT8 as underpowered. This super charged challenger could take on the Camaro ZL1-levels of horsepower but it is hard to match the levels of Ford, so Ford fans can be relaxd on that.
This super challenger is as same as the normal SRT8 model having no big differences. It has a very familiar shape and contours with hidden nose. There has been some additional design fine-tunes such as a lower front apron and larger hood scoops. We will have to see whether it could get the upcoming Barracuda nameplate or not. It is expected to touch the roads on 2015.


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