2013 Dacia J92 (Popster) MPV – first spy shots


These photos are bad news for many other car manufacturers such as Opel, Volkswagen and others having MPVs in their line-up. Bad news because these photos are showing the new low-cost MPV from the Romanian brand Dacia!

2013 Dacia J92 (Popster) MPV - first spy shots

This 7 seat MPV, codenamed J92 and with the possible name Popster will hit the market in 2012 and with a low price and loads of space this will surely be a big success. Prices are rumored to start at ca 13000 Euros for the petrol version and 15000 Euros for the diesel versions.

The Popster will be built in Morocco and is expected to be around 4.5 meters long.Just like the Dacia Duster and Logan, the J92 (Popster) will be offered as a Renault product for emerging markets.

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  1. Fara suparare, masina aceasta este o STRUTO-CAMILA, adica este platforma de Logan care la baza este Clio Symbol sau Clio 2 adica clasa MICA, bagata pe o caroserie destul de MARE fiind vorba de lungime 4,5 m si inaltime pe masura…
    Este o masina care din capul locului va fi INSTABILA, pt. ca este prea mare fata de platforma pt. care a fost INITIAL proiectata, oricate console alungite ar adauga ei!
    NUMAI zic ca fiind pe aceeasi platforma cu Loganul va lua tot 3 stele la crash test-ul frontal ca Dusterul…


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