2013 BMW X1


One main difficulty with BMW X1 is BMW X3. The specifications, 176.5 inches long on a 108.7 inches wheelbase, measures 70.8 inches wide and 60.8 inches tall. Weighing in at 3726 lb the X3 xDrive28i version, it is 389 lb lighter than the X3 xDrive28i, which is 183.0 inches long with a wheelbase of 110.6 inches, the width at 74.1 inches and the height measuring 65.4 inches, tells that the BMW X1 is almost same as BMW X3.There is no difference between the two models when it comes to the space for those up front and a pair in back. Just a 10 more cubic feet difference when rear sets back and 16 extra when fold  the seats for the X3.
The X1 and X3 pair shares horsepower and torque, 240 of the former and 260 of the latter from the Twin Power Turbo 2.0-liter four. Fuel mileage numbers are 24 mpg city/34 mpg highway for the X1, 19 mpg city/25 mpg highway with the X3.
The X1’s base price is at $32,350 where as X3’s base price is at $38,500. Except the Power seats in X3, both models are almost equally outfitted. The prices mentioned can be climbed easily by 25% as they are German based luxury vehicles.
Hard to Differentiate
To see, both X1 and X3 look same but there is a little difference.  BMW has done its job quite well to make X1 as substitute for X3 but when it comes to looks the X1 exhibits less visual feel than X3. All the parts been fitted looks almost same for both like the gauges, iDrive and screen read out but the thing is that X1 looks a bit smaller. When you drive X1 on bumpy roads you feel lighter but X1 is not as substantial as X3.


  1. The X1 prices out about $5,000 less than the X3 comparably equipped, is about 5 inches lower at the roof line, has a six speed tranny mated to the 35i as compared to an 8 speed on the X3, and the X3 has selectable sport and eco modes that affect steering and handling.
    Also the X1 s built on an older 3 series chassis.


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