2013 BMW 3-Series HYBRID (ActiveHybrid3) at Nurburgring


Its not a big surprise that the new BMW 3-series, code named F30, will be available in a Hybrid version as well. Even if the X6 Active Hybrid just has been axed, they still have the ActiveHybrid7 and the ActiveHybrid5 and are also working on Hybrid versions based on the 1-series. This 3-series Hybrid prototype was seen running some laps around the Nurburgring and apart from the stickers on side and rear, there is nothing visible that would tell us its a Hybrid version. The stickers are a must during testing in case of an accident so that the police and other helpers are aware of the danger with electric power.

We believe the engine in the ActiveHybrid3 will be shared with the one in the ActiveHybrid5 meaning a 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine connected to an electrical engine delivering some 40 kW.
So, when will the ActiveHybrid3 come? Well, since testing is at full pace with plenty of prototypes of the 3-series with Hybrid stickers we believe it will arrive the showrooms within a year of the sales start of the 3-series.

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