2013 Bentley Transcontinental Flying Spur


Bentley is laborious operative prepping the incoming model in the Continental queue: the 4-door Flying Spur limousine.

CAR reader named Juraj papped 2 camouflaged cars examining in Bratislava at Slovakia, as the Bentley readies the fresh Flying gad for a lucrative European audience.

2013 Bentley Transcontinental Flying Spur

Last time everybody saw the transcontinental GT flying gad, it was bound in the Mercedes S-class. These cutting-edge spy photographs show the true shape of the car, minus Mercedes-esque wheel arches, there is a glance of quad headlight arranging we acknowledge from the coupe and adaptable Contis.

Figure-of-8 tailpipes on all these UK registration cars are like a tell-tale mark these are Flying Spurs of V8-powered. 12-cylinder Continentals gets elliptical tailpipes as the subtle cosmetic alteration; other V8 prompts are the red clasps on the bonnet and wheels.

What other is fresh in the Flying Spur of 2013?

With the exceeding Flying Spur, the powertrains are anticipated to be dealt between the 2- and 4-door cars. It entails all-wheel driving whole models, an 8-speed auto transmission, as well as a array of engines.

The ‘Entry-level’ great energy comes from Audi car-related 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 that is good for the 500bhp as well as the 478lb feet. The motor of W12 bi-turbo comes in 2 tune states: the normal 567bhp version, as well as the up-rated 616bhp unit that powers transcontinental GT Speed upto 205mph.

We are expecting to witness the production of Bentley – Flying Spur at 2013 that is priced near about £140,000.


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