2013 Audi S3 Spy Photos


2013 Audi S3 Spy Photos
What is it?- 18 inch wheels, a sleek body kit and quad tailpipes are among the first things you will notice in the super cool and hot Audi S3 model
Platform- like the A3, the S3 will ride on a new platform, which goes by the name MQB. This new architecture is great and very flexible. It will also underpin all the next big launches from the VW Golf to the VW SUV. The MQB underpinning the S3 is in it’s smaller and lighter form. The S3 seen in these photos is a three door hatch but rumors have it that it is the least likely to make it to the U.S shores. The S3 Sedan is a possibility while the five-door S3 hatch is a distant dream.
Why it matters- the Audi S3 will be the flagship for Audi’s biggest entry into the market for premium compact cars here. This car will also be the first A3 variant with the S labeling in the U.S and it will be ideal for the European car enthusiasts who do not have the money for S4.
Transmission- everyone wants to know what transmission the Audi S3 will offer. Most predict a dual clutch automatic will be the most common. Fans of the manual transmission vote for the “no stick, no buy” policy but their number will not be persuasive. The Golf R, which comes only with a stick in the U.S, was a winner but BMW is out with a manual for the new M5.

Power train- the S3 is powered by a turbocharged 2 liter four, which will give it nearly 300 hp. This engine is a better version of the one powering hundreds of other models of Audi and VW. A few of the current models of this engine makes only 200 hp but packs a 265 hp in Audi TTS. This same engine will be mounted transversely in the S3 frame and the all wheel drive system will make sure that power is distributed among the wheels.
Can anything go wrong? – limiting pricing could affect the enthusiasm for owning an Audi S3. If it starts with a 135i’s 40 K plus sticker, then the car is bound to find takers in America. Another huge problem could be Audi could re-consider bringing the S3 to American shores because of low sales numbers and the fluctuating Euro.
Competition- Ford Focus ST, BMW 135is, Subaru WRX STI, Mini John Cooper Works, VW Golf R.
Estimated Price and Arrival- the Audi S3 is bound to make it’s debut in Paris auto show and this will be one year from when it will be available in the showrooms. The S3 price is on the higher end, falling in the $37,000 range.


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