2013 Audi RS1 spied on the street and track


Meet the Audi RS1, the hottest pocket rocket for 2012. Today snapped the very first spy photos of that appears to be the Audi RS1. With the Quattro GmbH testing RS5 Cabrio and RS7 prototypes it’s no surprise that this will also be a hot RS model based on the A1 series. The front bumper has the typical RS design and not even Stevie Wonder would miss that rear wing. We can also notice the wider side sills as well as the two fat exhaust pipes, one on each side. Power is expected to come from a turbo charged four-cylinder delivering some 250 horsepower but wouldn’t it be more fun if Audi will fit the 340 hp strong five-cylinder from the RS3? And in case someone was wondering, yes it will of course have Quattro all-wheel drive.

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