2013 Audi R8 with a Dual-Clutch Transmission – Spy Shots


From taking a look at the photos we can see that the Audi has some major mechanical upgrades in the making for both the R8 couple and the convertible. These models are filled with sensors and are currently debating about including a dual clutch transmission. Usually, the Audi R8 has an optional R tronic single clutch automated manual. However, I guess the complaints of the clumsy operation and jerky shifts have convinced them to do away with it.
Audi in the Alps
The pictures that you see of these two Audi’s were obtained in the Australian Alps. Sources have told us it was being test driven on a popular road that is known for testing out brakes and transmissions. The sensors that we mentioned earlier probably have to do with the engineers needing to know what is taking place at the corners of the car. Then when taking a look inside of the car you can see multiple computers wedged into the passenger’s seat. There is also an electronic brake button which can be found on the middle consol and it is accompanied by the conventional lever for a parking brake.
Also, if you know German you will know what “Kupplung sehr empfindlich” means. This warning is there to let drivers know that the clutch is very simply and she be handled cautiously.  Based on what we have been able to find out it seems that these two test models are nowhere near complete. However, we do expect that it may debut in the autumn Frankfurt Auto Show.


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