2013 Audi R8 GT


Audi is going to introduce its next R8 series car in the next year. Audi R8 GT test car was seen while charging on the Nurburging race track, Germany having new aero additions and probably high horse power. When GT was discerned, it was not outfitted with the revised grille, LED headlights and taillights which usually seen with rest of the R8 series and we are sure that those parts will be outfitted with the car’s arrival.  A larger rear spoiler and new hood with a large air extractor are two new revisions of the R8 GT.It is quite probable that Audi will increase its GT engine’s output to 600 bhp which is currently at 560 bhp. Single clutch S Tronic 7-speed has been replaced by dual clutch which will definitely useful to get edge over the nearest competitors like Aston, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series etc..
The previous GT has got some changes in design like a t hood and windshield along with a carbon-fiber deck lid which lowered weight and increased speed. GTs were sold in stateside without having parts which are usually seen in European models such as built-in roll cage, and polycarbonate rear window and carbon fiber-backed sport seats. It would be great to watch the next GTs performance in U.s and Europe.
This new GT test car has got roll cage along with bright-red calipers, which were optional for the previous GT. If the new GT have these parts fitted as standard parts then the expected price will touch high in expectations. It is expected that the base price of this well equipped, high performance new R8 GT’s base price would be more than $200,000 on its arrival on 2013 in U.S.


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