2013 Audi Q5 S – first test mule


2013 Audi Q5 S

What appears to be the first test mule for a more powerful version of the Audi Q5 has been snapped today.

We suspect that this is the Audi Q5 S since it has the quad exhaust pipes. Engine will probably be a version of the one known from the S4, the 3 litre V6 delivering some 333 hp.

Audi Q5 S 2013

As we can see the brakes also have gotten an upgrade and are therefore bigger then we are used to see on a Q5. Expect a new front bumper as well as a modified rear bumper when it’s time to hit the showrooms in 2012.

Audi Q5 S version

new 2013 Audi Q5S

Audi Q5 RS


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