2013 Audi Q3 S or RS spied


It’s not a big surprice that Audi is working on a hotter version of the Q3, especially after the press event in Switzerland where they secretly showed a prototype with a 2.5 liter TFSI engine delivering some 300 horsepowers. Last week at the Nurburgring there was a hotter Q3 testing, meaning that Audi is really serious with the idea of this hot-rod Q3. What looks like a normal Q3 with the S-Line package is actually a prototype for this 300 horsepower strong beast. Just look at the drilled brakes and you will see that Audi really means business with this one. Also for us lucky guys at the Ring we could hear that lovely five-cylinder engine scream during testing. So, we know for sure this one will come. But: will it wear the S logo or the RS logo? Or will it just be known as the Q3 2.5 TFSI?

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