2013 Audi A3 hatchback – Spy Shot


The Audi A3 is scheduled to be released to the public very soon, but spy photographers have been able to capture the 3-door model going through snow handling testing. A cabriolet, hatchback, sedan, and sport wagon are all set to be on display at the Geneva Auto Show which will play as the official host for the A3 family tree. Unfortunately, if you are from the United States, only the A3 sedan will be set for the US marketplace. This means that those US people hoping to get their hands on the hatchback will have to take an extended stay over in Europe to be able to get their hands on one.
One of the immediate notices of the new A3 sedan is that it has a very nice new front end. It, of course, contains stepped headlights, and the traditional Audi’s stable trapezoidal grille. The rally-style lights that is displayed in the spies pictures are nice to look at, but not expected to be included with the production model of the Audi. The previous A3 was very nice to look at, had a popular appearance with the loyal customer base, and they have decided to stick with a similar appearance. This seems to be a happy response from those hoping to buy one of the new A3’s.
Several Choices to Choose From
While the A3 doesn’t have a huge impact in its appearance, there are still going to be several options to choose from and one of Audi’s large focuses this go around is its fuel mileage and its improved handling. You can actually go with a aluminum and lightweight steel package. What this allows is that you are going to receive those benefits of improved handling and better gas mileage.
For the A3 sedan that is going to be available in the United States market, you will find that it is offered in either gasoline or diesel with a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder motor. Front-wheel drive and 6-speed manual shifting models will be available as well. Audi has announced this year that they felt that the interior needed a facelift. Therefore, expect to see higher quality material used throughout the interior.


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