2013 Aston Martin Vanquish – Spy Shots


2013 Aston Martin Vanquish - Spy Shots
There are different rumors all around the market but at last everything is going to get cleared as you can find proof of Aston Martin will be calling back the famous name of Vanquish for the coming year’s top model. The testing is done in Italy without any camouflage or cover and the brand new car was shown at the Ritzy Italian gathering of the car polishers. The code name of the car is AM310 and it was shown off at the villa that is named as the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in the previous month as an unbadged or unnamed car that focuses the unique concept and technology. It was the first time the name was mentioned and the name was also visible for the audience at the rump of the new concept car. The name Vanquish was from a serious of names from old time that started with the letter ‘V’ and was contemplated for the name of the new car. Some other names that were considered were Vantage or Vignale.
The first Vanquish was the one that was launched in 2001 and it was also the first Aston by Ulrich Bez, who is currently the chief executive. He delayed the launch for he preferred to have a better dashboard air vent design. The hand built material called carbon fiber and aluminum construction were the main component of the all new car model that came out of Aston Martin’s very own Newport Pagnell factory at the very last. Ian Callum’s styling was outrageous and it raised expectations and tension together with its 420 bhp that provided the car with genuine speed of 200 mph. The exhaust note of the car was booming for more attention and the car had cost $245,000  (158,000 pounds) at the time of the launch.
The company stopped manufacturing old Vanquish in the year 2007 and there was no replacement that was good enough to find the actual charm of the car. The combination of style and performance and even the price of the Vanquish were never recaptured. The company is now operating from Gaydon in Warwickshire and they hope the new Vanquish will get back the magic that was created by the old car and it will be loved by the film directors and the stars from the entertainment world. The old model of the Vanquish was shown in the James Bond movie named ‘Die another day’ of 2002 and it was also shown in the 2003 movie remake of ‘The Italian Job’. The old Vanquish had name checks in Lil Kim’s movie ‘Lighter’s up’ and also in another from The Pussycat Dolls movie ‘Don’t Cha’ and the Car also appeared in a huge number of music videos.
The new car will replace the V12 DBS and some of the DBS style is also borrowed for the car, particularly the sculpted parts at the sides, the mirrors that are mounted on the doors and the lamps at the rear side of the car. The company got bitten by different criticism of the weight of the star and the engineers felt some pressure for the costly materials called carbon fibers. These fibers are placed on the aluminum platform that has got different parts welded and bonded and riveted into the platform. The current models are made on such ideas.
The V12 engine is retained from the Cleveland V6 based body and the new Vanquish will have one such model of engine. The engine is powerful and will produce 510bhp of speed. The body of rumor finds that the German-built engines that will give a figure nearer to 600 bhp. The design of the fascia of the car is quite old and when you look at it, you will find the new Vanquish is also getting better slowly as we know more about it. The Emotional unit of the old car will be retained. There are some of the features of the car that will never come back. Some of these are the bonnet chimneys that give out too much heat for the driver. These features are discussed and have been taken off from the program of introducing them in any new car.



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