2013 Aston Martin DB9 Spy Photos


2013 Aston Martin DB9 Spy Photos
What it is- it is the 2013 Aston Martin DB9, which is being tested in the United Kingdom. The Coupe and Volante, both of which will be available for the new model were spotted without any real kind of camouflage. The production cars will be no different from these test models. It seems that the new launch borrows a number of appearance cues especially the entire front end from their Virage counterparts.Platform- Aston’s fourth generation VH architecture will be seen in the next Aston Martin DB9. The car retains the same basis of the Vanquish; the DB9 will not bear any of the structural reinforcement, which is largely seen in the new range topper of the carbon fiber body parts and panels. The DB9 also has been enhanced with the active damping system providing Sport, Normal and Track driving models. This system will work together automatically with the gearbox of the car.
This new launch will be marketed and sold in two versatile levels- one will be a base like model, while the other will feature performance upgrades.
Why it matters- there is a luxury car horsepower war taking place in Europe and Aston’s response to this war was adding to the Vanquish a 55 hp bump as against the DBS it replaces. It has been said that the next version of the Rapide will also see a horsepower increase. The DB9 also has to be horsepower enhanced in order to keep up. Rumor has it that the new car will be bestowed with a number of the 20 hp stronger Virage components and the Vanquish derived updates.  The great new styling will keep this car looking fresh which is important for the “playboy jet set” customer segment.
Competition- Ferrari F12berlinetta, Bentley Continental GT/GTC, Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG.
Power train- the thunderous 5.9 liter V 12 will be seen in the DB 9. The V-12 should be able to manage 500hp from the DB 9’s current 470 hp. The new car will not only be more powerful thanks to this but it will also be more fuel-efficient.
Estimated arrival and price- watch out for the new DB 9 to make a grand debut at the Paris Auto Show this fall. This is before it goes on sale in 2013. The starting cost price for the current DB 9 is $193,730 and the expectations are not for a price fall for the new model.


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