2012 Porsche Boxster latest photos



These latest photos of the new Porsche Boxster give us the clearest look so far. It has dropped some camouflage and also added some of the real body parts even if the rear lights are still just fake. When the new Boxster comes out on the market, there will probably be both six and four cylinder engines under that body. And as we have heard from official Porsche sources there is a possibility that there will be a fully electric version as well. Testing of the electric Boxster should soon be starting, if it’s not already in the works.


And like most Porsche models, we expect the Boxsters new styling to me more evolutionary rather than revolutionary. This next generation Porsche Boxster is scheduled to be launched at the Geneva Car Show 2011, even if some sources are reporting a surprise happening in Paris next month. Will Porsche give us an early Christmas present and show off the new Boxster already?


2012 Boxster


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