2012 VW Lupo and its Skoda twin spied


2012 VW Lupo

Today we can show you some photos of the mini twins from Volkswagen and Skoda. Sharing the same base, these two will only differ in smaller styling details. At least for a start, since the Lupo (Volkswagen version) will also be available as a fully electric version later on. Even if these prototypes are wearing heavy camouflage we know that the main styling will not differ so much from the Up! Concept car.

2012 Volkswagen Lupo

The two door minis will have space for 4 adult persons with minimal luggage. Power will initially come from both small petrol as well as diesel engines. Expect a larger five door version to arrive on the market one year after. We can also expect a Seat version, probably dubbed Arosa.

VW Lupo 2012

Volkswagen Lupo 2012

2012 Skoda twin



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