2012 Toyota Prius Liftback


For all of you Toyota fans out there they have a surprise in store for you. Toyota has just released their prices for the Prius Liftback and the RAV4.
The Toyota Prius Liftback is the inspiration for the Prius C, Prius V, and even the Prius Plug in Hybrid. The more reasonable priced Prius Liftback 2012 is expected to cost around $24,000.It will also be featuring upgraded fascia and taillights. Not to mention the fact that the LED daytime running lights will be upgraded as well. Also, the audio system will have a USB port.
If you are big on entertainment you may want to consider the Toyota Prius Three which will run you about $25,565. The Prius Four as well as Five make your rides more comfortable. Not to mention that the seven inch screen will come with split screen capabilities. You can expect the Prius Liftback 2012 to hit the shelves in January.


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