2012 Tesla Model S: Riding Shotgun


Tesla currently has not let anyone get behind the wheel of their new Model S. However, they have let a few people ride shot gun.  This new model that they are introducing is roughly 196 inches long – almost the same length as the Jaguar XF. Also, it is wider than the Jaguar -77.3 inches – and also wider than the Mercedes Benz S class.  Not to mention the fact that it has a flat floor which gives it a minivan feel and it has a large cargo area as well which can easily fir two rear facing child car seats. However, there is not a lot of head and leg room inside this vehicle due to the fact that the floor is higher so the battery tray could come equipped which makes it hard for taller people to ride in this car and makes it so the front passengers are sitting closer to the dash.

The Apple (Imposter) of My Eye
The Model S has one sick dashboard something that Apple would love due to the fact that the only visible button is the hazard lights and the glove box release. The rest of the control features are operated by the steering column stalks or the touch screen plan in the dash. When you think about the inside of this car it is like the car is running off an iPad. The best part is you have four USB ports so you can connect different devices to them. However, we have been told that the display will be changed once the car is debuted to something even more amazing.
The car that we were able to ride in happens to be one of the Signature Series models which mean that the trim will only be featured in the first 1000 cars that are manufactured. So, you can expect for these cars to be kind of pricey. Also, the introductory cars will include a battery pack that will allow the travel distance maximum to be increased from 160 miles to 300 miles.
Promising Performance
When you look at the steering column on this new model you will notice that the park, drive and reverse sections are on the right while the cruise, signal and wipers are on the left. Also, when this car is in motion you will notice that it is very light even though it is 4150 pounds. However, when it comes to the transmission it is just like any other electric car using a single speed gear reduction one. It can get from 0 to 60 mph in as soon as 5.6 seconds and its max speed is 130 mph. Also, the battery back of this model weighs approximately 600 pounds however it is located at the bottom of the car along with the motor.
Feels Like a Keeper
Even though this model is electric the Model S still obtains the look of a conventional car. Not to mention that it has a long hood which makes the radiator grille appear larger. Also, there is a computer shutter system available on the car that keeps the radiator from opening when it is not needed.  One of the designers has stated that the reason it has the look that it has is to help people make a decision between the BMW and the Audi. However, once the brand has its name out there and has gained some popularity some things will change such as the power train.
Similar to Traditional Luxury Cars, but Very Different
When the hatchback Model S is released you can expect some luxury options such as a sunroof, leather interior and even air suspension. Also, buyers will be able to have a choice of three different battery sizes. The base battery model will provide 160 mile range at $57400 while the 230 mile range will go for an additional $10000. Lastly, the 300 mile range which is the top one will go for an additional $20000. Some may feel that the prices are a bit pricey – $77000 for the best car – but they still are lower than the Fisker Karma – the leading competitor of the model – by almost $20,000, it goes for $96895.


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