Smaller Chevrolet sedan spotted with less cammo


2012 smaller Chevrolet sedan

When we first spotted this Chevrolet prototype last year it was wearing more camouflage in the front and at that time we suspected it would be the sedan version of the Aveo. Since then we have learned that the Aveo sedan looks different.

2012 smaller Chevy sedan

Now our photographers have spotted the prototype again, and this time with less cammo in the front. But the big question is still what it is? We know its a Chevrolet sedan, but we suspect its a model made for the South American market. Maybe even for the Chinese and Indian market as well.

2012 Chevrolet sedan

2012 Chevry sedan

smaller Chevrolet sedan 2012


  1. Chevrolet Agile (-Sedan-) developping for 3rd wolrd countries
    simillar to
    Chevrolet Aveo/Sonic (-Sedan-)


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