2012 Porsche Cayman Spy Photographs


2012 Porsche Cayman Spy Photographs
Over the last few years, we have seen many shots of prototypes for the second generation, brand new Porsche Cayman that will hit the marketplace coming year. It will be launched with redesigned Boxster 2013. The spy shots and videos reveal the recent prototype for the new Cayman. It confirms that the car development is nearing finishing point. The new Cayman model will be a hard-top version of the redesigned Boxster with two having common wheel designs, to power trains and interior panels.
The spy shots reveal that the track and wheelbase have been extended to provide the car a better road holding and more assertive stance. The details alterations will be minor. The new generation Cayman 2013 will be a larger model than its predecessor. Thanks to its aluminum construction and prominent specification. It will possess a lighter body with a model variety of flat sixes.  You will see the final look in late 2012.

It will be unveiled with right hand drive concepts in UK showrooms in 2013. In terms of outlook, the new model will look more fluid than the present one. It even seems to have a larger rear window and lower near profile. Drive train specs will come just a bit above the Boxters powerful figures. The boxter makes use of 2.7 liter flat 6 to produce 265  horsepower  in base form, whereas the boxter gets around 3.4 liter engine good for 310 horsepower. They can run to 60mph in 4.7 and 5.4 seconds when well equipped with 7-spped PDK transmission system.


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