2012 Porsche Boxster


We have been able to see the 2012 Porsche Boxster yet again when he was being tested during the rain. However, this time we saw what it is actually going to look like for the most part. For one thing this time it has silver paint. Also, we can tell that this model will have a lower ride height than the current models. Also, it is very similar to the latest Porsche 911 when it comes to the styling.
We also suspect that it has a 2.9 liter flat six engine. Then, when it comes to what is under the hood we expect a 3.4 liter flat six that has around 315 hp and 360 Nm of torque. So, one thing that is for sure is the fact that this car is very powerful.  But, when it comes down to the rest we will just have to wait to see it at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March.


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