2012 Peugeot 508 Allroad/Outdoor – first photos


2012 Peugeot 508 Allroad

Audi has the Allroad family, Skoda has the Octavia Scout and Subaru the Outback. And after shooting these photos, we believe that Peugeot is working with an “Allroad” version of the new Peugeot 508 SW.

We have heard rumors about a high riding version of the 508 SW but this is the first time we see some proof that they are actually testing it.

Peugeot 508 Allroad 2012

2012 Peugeot 508 SW Allroad

new Peugeot 508 Allroad

Peugeot 508 SW Allroad

Source: carsspyphotos.net


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