2012 Opel small SUV – first test drive on public roads


2012 opel small suv

Some weeks ago we showed the very first photos of the Aveo/Sonic based mini SUV from GM. Those photos showed what we believe were the Chevrolet version of the car, but this time our spies pretty sure that got the Opel version making its first test drive on public roads.

opel small suv 2012

The head lights have the new Opel typical design and also the day driving lights that we are familiar with from both the Opel Astra and Insignia. Also under the camouflage in the front our spies can clearly make out what seems to be the Opel sign, as well as the Opel signed hub caps.

all new 2012 opel small suv

Expect some smaller design details that will make the difference between the Opel and Chevy version, just like with the bigger brothers Antara and Captiva.

new 2012 opel suv

This compact Opel SUV will, just as its Chevrolet brother, probably come in both front- and four-wheel drive versions and will be powered by a set of diesel and petrol engines.

opel small suv

The new compact SUV is designed and engineered by GM’s Korean R&D center, the same division that was responsible for the Cruze and Beat.

Expect to see it in its full glory in 2012.

2012 opel suv spy

Source: carsspyphotos.net


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