Possible baby 2012 Nissan GTR


2012 nissan gtr baby

carsspyphotos.net reader Aran Noble has spotted new baby Nissan GTR testing in UAE.

Here is his comment:

Earlier today i was driving in the UAE and spotted a small but potent looking small hatch. It looked like a baby Nissan GTR with it’s distinctive roof line a Glass rear roof and Nissan/Infinity looking 19inch rims. i have 2 photos but just of the rear but can see that is nothing is on today’s roads even though it was covered in the ubiquitous black tape and all company decals either covered up or removed i.e. the wheels. The driver was quite evasive when he realised i was getting a good look at it and then veered of so i good not take any photos.

2012 nissan gtr hatch

Big thanks to Aran for sending the photos.

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