2012 Mercedes SLS Black Series Spied


2012 Mercedes SLS Black Series Spied
There is a brand new star coming to the range of Mercedes Benz. In fact, it is none other than the prominent Black Series Edition.  We spotted the car first in the month of October 2011. Photographers captured another set of prototype model images whilst AMG locomotive engineers were carrying out cold weather test.  The nameplate has been reserved for more hardcore versions. For this model, the outlook will bring a lighter body, more power and more meaningful appearance.
As compared to other car series, this model is the fastest, hardest SLS of all. It is expected to see in the year of 2012. The 2012 Mercedes SLS model takes the usual SLS and its naturally aspirated V8 6.2 liter. It just gives about everything a complete makeover. Now, the lump puts out more than around 600bhp. The CAR understands – up from the usual SLS’s 563bhp. The frame work is rubbed down to let a wider track rear and front. The other elements of the figure are promoted too.

The sources suggest stickier tyres and upgraded brakes whilst carbon fiber will substitute some body and inner trimp panels so as to pare weight. The spy photographs reveal the SLS Black Series will possess a more strong-growing styling pack with black style detailing and front grille. The Mercedes SLC project is very much action. It is a front engine 2-seater with powerful V8. It will take over from the present SLS AMG concept when the concept bows out in the year 2014. Mercedes has thought of the idea of a middle-engine platform but will rather follow a template bit closer to that of the SLS.


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