2012 Mercedes SL losing more cammo


2012 Mercedes SL

Mercedes are preparing the 2012 Mercedes SL for the Frankfurt Car Show in September. And that means that it is losing more and more camouflage for each time we see it. And loosing camouflage means also revealing more and more details. As we can see the front end reminds a lot of the just released Mercedes SLK with its more upright positioned wideband grille and we also notice the glass roof known from the SLK, Magic Sky Control. That’s a variable-tint roof, at a touch of a button it can be made either transparent or darkened.

Mercedes SL 2012

Under the hood the range of petrol engines starts with a 305 hp, 3.5 liter V6 followed by the SL 500 with its 435 hp strong V8. And of course there will be at least one AMG version with endless power.

Inside we will find a more user friendly cockpit with better ergonomics and more space for the driver and passenger.

all new 2012 Mercedes SL

2012 mercedes-benz sl class


  1. Front end looks like the combination of the CLS & SLK (refer to the latest model , both) … and rear end looks like CLS though .


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