2012 Maserati baby Quattroporte mule first photos


2012 Maserati baby Quattroporte

We have heard rumors for a long time, but now it seems like it’s finally on the run. The Maserati baby Quattroporte.

We snapped these photos of the first mule while out on a short test run. Easy to spot is the slightly shorter wheelbase, the smaller front brakes and the ill fitting front window. Also of course the engine hood and instead of the normally twin exhaust pipes sticking out of the rear bumper on each side, this only has one single pipe on each side under the bumper. Remember, this is still just a mule and the finished result will not look anything like this.

2012 Maserati mule

The baby Quattroporte will aim directly against the BMW M5, Mercedes AMG E-Class and Jaguar XFR when it will come out on the market in 2012 and according to earlier rumors it will be designed in house by Fiat Centro Stile this time. It’s not clear where it will be build however, since the capacity in the companies Modena factory is already at the max. A good guess could be the Turin factory from coachbuilder Bertone.

Maserati spy shots

Maserati baby Quattroporte 2012

2012 Maserati car


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