2012 Lotus Exige – very first spy shots



After seeing some strangely looking Lotus Exiges for a while the real car has finally taken its first steps as a prototype and we have the very first photos of it. To be honest, they could have chosen a better weather then pouring rain. But maybe that was the plan, to keep spy shooters away.

We can see that the new Exige will get a nose looking a lot like the one from the Evora and that the rear also is completely different and makes the car look much longer. In fact the roof line looks different from the current Exige and we believe that this new version is powered by the same V6 engine as also found in the bigger Evora. That would mean a 3.5 liter V6 producing 280 horsepower in the normal version and 350 horsepower in the S version. The mules we seen before where all wider so we suspect that the new Exige is slightly wider than the current one. Other things we can notice on these photos are the bigger brakes.

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