2012 Jaguar F-Type Car Spotted Testing


2012 Jaguar F-Type Car Spotted Testing
The spy photographs have recently grabbed the earliest glimpse at Jaguar’s forthcoming F-Type R. Earlier in April 2012; officially Jaguar has confirmed that this car model will have a roadster and coupe version. The recent spy photographs disclosed that an “R-Version” is also under progress. Well, everyone is aware of the fact that Jaguars mostly come with R version. This development might have not taken anyone off-guard. The future model will be empowered with normal supercharged V8 5 liter engine utilized in all R models.
In comparison with usual F Type, this R version will have a quad exhausts, new wheels, cool interior and rear and front bumpers. According to the sources, the R version will be introduced with standard version. The central splash board stack is been undisguised. The interior is controlled by a huge touch screen for the navigation and infotainment systems. Under the screen, one can see around 3 ventilation as well as heating controls. It is the present prominent climate control arrangement and maintained intact from popular C-X16. The F-Type model will avoid Jaguar Land Rover’s familiar pop-up gear for BMW-style control and sport mode.

Drivers will push the stick to the left side for manual gear choice. The toggle button opposite the gear selector appears similar to dynamic mode button. The chequered flag symbol is visible, signifying this will be responsible for aggressive and less assisted driving modes. Well, undoubtedly, the F-type model is aiming for sports car status instead of old jag status. In the meantime, the steering wheel also looks similar to C-X16, presenting a suede-covered exterior and flat-bottomed design. According to Jaguar, the F-type model is a production version of C-X16 concept car and hybrid engine. In fact, it is more than a marketing tactic and the model will earn more money.


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