2012 Ford Shelby GT500 possibly turbo spied


2012 Ford Shelby GT500 possibly turbo spied

At a first look, this looks like a regular Shelby GT 500, if you can call any Shelby GT 500 regular. But on a second and closer look we notice some small things that are not so normal.

Where we usually find a fog light in the front bumpers left side there is a part of a cooler visible. On the right side it’s just taped up to look similar. And in the upper grille we see additional cooling lines, possible an extension of an inter cooler system.

So could this mean Ford and Shelby is testing a turbo engine for the next generation GT 500? A twin-turbo engine? There has been rumors about this for a long time so why not. A turbo/twin-turbo engine would deliver loads of wild horses under the hood of this pony but at the same time be more fuel efficient that a supercharged engine.


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