2012 Ford Falcon GT-H spied


2012 ford falcon gt-h

Ford Australia is preparing a hi-performance version of the Falcon GT with help of FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles), probably dubbed GT-H. Just like the Falcon GT, also a FPV product, the Falcon GT-H will be using a modified version of the 5.0 litre Coyote V8 known from the American Ford Mustang.

ford falcon gt-h 2012

With help from a supercharger and twin inter-coolers the output is expected to be between 350 and 375 kW where the supercharged GT without the inter-cooler delivers 335 kW. As seen in the photos, the fog lights have been removed to give space for the big inter-coolers. Instead we might see a set of LED driving lights.

ford falcon gt-h

The Falcon GT-H might be revealed at the Melbourne International Motor Show later this year.

2012 falcon gt-h

ford australia falcon gt-h

new ford falcon gt-h

Source: carsspyphotos.net


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