2012 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti


ferrari 612 mule

After Carpix spy photographer first spotted the successor for the Ferrari 612 back in April this year, it’s now time again. While the first time was in Italy with both road and track test, it seems like they are up for some high altitude test this time.

It’s still hard to get any idea how the new car will look but it seems like it will be a bit longer this time. Maybe the expected KERS-technology need the space or it will just get a roomier backseat. Other clear things are that the engine still takes too much space so the hood want fit. And what the California started, this new 2­+2 V12 coupes will continue to show. The new way to display the exhaust pipes, on top of each other instead of next to each others.

And maybe this time they will introduce the “Insertable 4×4”, a four-wheel drive system developed by Ferrari and suitable for both front and mid-engine cars.
There is still lot of time to figure that out, since this car will first hit the market in late 2011 or early 2012.

Here are also two photos showinge some parts of the interior.
A mixture of 612 and 599 right now.

next ferrari 612 interior

2012 ferrari 612 mule interior

Maybe the sticker on the steering wheel is more intresting regarding the new engine.

“Betrieb nur mit geschlossener Motorhaube” meaning ” Engine is only allowed to be started with engine hood closed.

2012 ferrari 612 scaglietti

2012 ferrari scaglietti

ferrari 612 scaglietti 2012

ferrari 612 scaglietti

ferrari spied

ferrari scaglietti 2012

ferrari 612 scaglietti spied



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