2012 Citroen C4 Kombi (Wagon) first spy shots


2012 citroen c4 coupe

On a quick look this might look like a Citroen DS4 prototype to you, but if you look closely you notice some differences. This car is much lower, has different rear lights and is also showing off two larger exhaust pipes. Unless Citroen has made some changes to the DS4 during the development. And forget the camouflage to make it look like a 5 door. All these things make us believe the Citroen will make a Coupe version of the new C4 just like they had on the old version.

2012 citroenc4coupe

This prototype was caught during some hot weather testing in Southern Europe where it’s getting ready to be unveiled in Geneva in March 2011.

citroen c4 coupe 2012

2012 c4 coupe

citroen c4 coupe


  1. Wrong! The DS5 is based on the C5. That means it´ll have 5 wheel bolts. But this one has only 4, so it´s based on the C4 and that means, it´s a C4 tourer. Got it?

  2. У этого прототипа в передней стойке окно.У С4 его нет.Кстати решётка радиатора не такая как у С4 а как у DS3 и DS4.Значит это Citroen DS5.


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