2012 Chevy Camaro facelift?


2012 Chevy Camaro facelift

Here is a strange Chevy Camaro spotted together with the Z28. Compared to the current Camaro sold in the US it has bigger door mirrors and LED-rear lights. So is it a facelift? Or is it just the upcoming European version?

new 2012 Camaro facelift

Chevy Camaro 2012 facelift

2012 Chevy Camaro yellow

2012 Chevy Camaro facelift yellow

For those who doesn’t know, the Camaro is not offered official via Chevrolet in Europe but only from small importers. And since the European regulations are slightly different, Chevrolet might do some changes to the car. And thats where the bigger door mirrors are needed. LED rear lights might also be a part of the European pack, but could also come the cars offered on the US market.


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