2012 BMW 3 GT – new shots


2012 bmw 3 gt

With next generation of the BMW 3 series the line-up will expand to 5 versions in total. The classic sedan, touring, coupe and convertible will be joined by a 3 GT. So, what is a 3 GT? The easiest way to explain it is to call it BMW’s answer to Audi’s A5 Sportback. Both the Touring and the GT will have a longer wheelbase then the sedan to be able to give the rear seat passengers more leg room. With the 3 GT BMW is able to offer a more practical version then the sedan, without forcing customers to choose an estate (Touring).

bmw 3 gt 2012

The 3 GT will not only have its own style in the roof line, it will also have a different front then the sedan and the Touring. And with its frame less windows and sleek looking fastback trunk line the difference to the normal 3 series versions will be even bigger.

2012 bmw 3-series gt

We expect the 3 GT to come out on the market one year after the release of the Touring and with the same engine options.


bmw grandtourer

2012 bmw gt


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