2012 BMW 1 series F20 close up and interior spy photos


2012 BMW 1-series F20

BMW 1 series (F20); the inside story.

Here are the best and clearest photos of the upcoming BMW 1 series revealing some new details inside and out.

2012 BMW 1-series F20 eyes

From the outside we can notice that the 1 series gets squared-off Angel eyes as seen on some of the latest BMW Concept cars. The new 1 series will also be the first BMW with the side indicators mounted in the side mirrors.

2012 BMW 1-series F20 interior

Inside we can see a red stitching on the steering wheel as well as a red stripe on the dash. It looks as BMW is giving the 1 series some color in all that black interior. Also easy to spot, the flip-up sat-nav screen.

2012 bmw 1-series mirror

new 2012 bmw 1 angel eyes

Our spies get the information from a BMW specialist that this prototype has the 2.0 liter Diesel engine and a new 8 speed auto box. We also suspect that this car has the xDrive 4×4 system since it was testing together with a current 3 series xDrive, a new 3 series prototype with xDrive and an Audi A4 quattro.

BMW 1-series F20

new BMW 1-series F20 2012


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