2012 BMW 1 series 5 door Turbo spied


2012 bmw 1-series 5d

Last week we showed you the very first photos of the 3 door version of the upcoming BMW 1 series and now its time for the latest photos of the 5 door version, here in the turbo version. We have seen the 5 door version before, but as time and testing goes by there are always smaller changes to the camouflage showing new details and parts. Rumors around the engine in this turbo version is that there could be a tri-turbo petrol 4 cylinder engine or the N54 6-cylinder twin-scroll turbo engine.

2012 bmw 1-series turbo

bmw 1 series 5d 2012

2012 bmw 1-series 5 door


  1. Looks like there’s an illusion when you look at that BMW. I love the car but I hate the paint.


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