2012 Bentley GTC Speed at the Ring


Spotted again, this time at the Nurburgring.

Several weeks ago we show the first photos of the new Conti GTC, some weeks after that the very first photos of the Conti GT Speed and two weeks ago the first photos of the GTC Speed during some brake testing in the European Alps.

Today a 2012 GTC Speed prototype showed up at the Nurburgring for hi-speed testing.

Just like on the GT Speed, the GTC Speed has a redesigned front bumper, which looks sportier then the normal GT, and some changes in the exhaust system. It’s not sure how strong the new engine will be but we are pretty sure it will deliver some more power than the 610 in the current one.With less weight this one will also be more fuel efficient than the current one. Inside we can find new seats and an updated dash with a new sat nav.

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