Audi S7 2012 without cammo


2012 audi s7

The Audi S7, the sportier brother to the Audi A7 has been spotted without camouflage for the first time. First time we shot the S7 is was driving at the Nurburgring but then it was all covered up in cammo.

The S7 will get the same treatment as all the other Audi S models, sportier front bumper with bigger air intakes, bigger wheels and brakes and of course a quad exhaust.

audi s7 2012

Did we forget something? Well, there will be some more power under the hood, but how much is still unclear, but rumors are talking about a new 4.0 liter V8 with turbo delivering over 400 horsepower. Well, in a few weeks time, at the Paris Motor Show we will probably get all the info we need.

2012 s7 audi

audi s7 2012


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