2012 Audi S7 first spyshots


2012 Audi S7

The Audi S7, the sportier brother to the Audi A7 has been spotted for the first time. And what place could be better for a sporty Audi to take its first steps? The Nurburgring of course. The S7 will get the same treatment as all the other Audi S models, sporties front bumper with bigger air intakes, bigger wheels and brakes and of course a quad exhaust. Did we forget something? Well, there will be some more power under the hood, but how much is still unclear.

Audi S7 2012

all new Audi S7

Audi S7 spy photos

Audi S7

audi s7 nurburgring



  1. Spotted in Nurburgring is no doubt a great aspect for any cars. Now Audi S7 is no doubt an outstanding car among the other models of Audi. As far as its stylish look and comfortable seats is taken into concern this is just a rocking model.

  2. The new S7 seems to have the same retractable spoiler as in the new Audi RS5. Still a very nice S7 but their are too many new Audi models and they all look similar! The S4 and the S5 Sportback!


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