2012 Audi S1 spied undisguised by CarsSpyPhotos reader


2012 audi s1

CarsSpyPhotos reader Alex Kim has spotted new Audi S1 without cammo in Dubai.
Do not understand why was disguised only Audi logo ?!

What do you think about it ???

Big thanks to Alex Kim for sending the photos. If anyone see something interesting, send us a tip at EMAIL.

interior 2012 audi s1

audi s1 spy photo

2012 audi s1 interior

all new 2012 audi s1

audi s1 2012

audi s1


  1. That´s no S1. It´s just an old prototype for the A1 1.4 TFSI. That´s why it´s still taped on the badges. All we can see is an A1 with S-Line package. Nothing more, nothing less.
    What about doing your journalist work a little bit better instead of writing so much crap about things you have idea of…


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