2011 VW Transporter T6 spied by CarsSpyPhotos Reader


2011 vw transporter t6

carsspyphotos.net reader Sonny has spotted a new 2011 Volkswagen Transporter.

Here is his comment:

Today, I took a picture of what I believe is the future Volkswagen T6 still hidden. He was there at the edge of the auto show in Geneva, Switzerland.

Big thanks to Sonny for sending the photo.

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  1. well.. it is at least the first photo of a T6. It must be the car worlds biggest secret.
    I have looked all over the web for a picture… but no..

    I need the T6 to hit the market, so the T5 gets cheap. Then I can buy a cheaper used T5,, and dream of a long 4×4 T6 with a DSG gear box and so on.

    In Norway I have to pay about 130 000 US$ for a new car like this… taxes is nice.


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