2011 VW Amarok single cab on the Ring


vw amarok 2011

This is probably the most unusual place where you will see the new Amarok single cab from Volkswagen, but the VW guys believed that even a workhorse like the Amarok should be tested at the Nurburgring. The first and until now only time before this our spies  spotted the single cab in northern Sweden during the winter test but as public debut gets closer the testing gets more intense.

Engine options are expected to be the same as the crew cab, but since the single cab is more of a work horse there could be some changes in the option list meaning that the Highline version could be missing.

And until the public debut is here, the Amarok gets ready for express deliverys on the “Ring”.

2011 volkswagen amarok Nurburgring

new 2011 amarok

new 2011 vw amarok

2011 volkswagen amarok ring

2011 vw amarok pickup truck



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