2011 Volkswagen Amarok singlecab first spyshots


2011 volkswagen amarok spy

With the Amarok, Volkswagen is joining the pick-up club again and everywhere where it has been shown people are excited. But so far there has only been a crew cab version (dual cab) and that’s no option for those who needs a lot of space for their cargo. But that will soon change as these photos show. Not only are they the very first photos of the VW Amarok single cab, but they are also without camouflage.

Engine options are expected to be the same as the crew cab, but since the single cab is more of a work horse there could be some changes in the option list meaning that the Highline version could be missing.

2011 vw amarok singlecab

volkswagen amarok 2011

2011 volkswagen amarok

2011 vw amarok



  1. Flipping heck! That really doesn’t look ‘Volkswagenie’ – looks more like a Chevy. Who would have thought….

  2. I hear they do not plan on bring it to the US….. Why not?
    After all, there will be no new Ranger, and the rest of the small/mid-sized trucks don’t offer a diesel either. I suspect VW could easily sell this to all their customers who currently have to shop elsewhere to buy a truck. They could also pick up sales from small businesses looking for economical delivery trucks.

  3. Not enough TDI offerings, which is part of the reason I’m leaving the brand. They dominate the TDI market yet here in NA, we get jack. They can compete with sub-compact here if they bring the polo over. Seriously how hard is it to stamp out new NA bumpers? c’mon VAG get your act together! I totally agree with the last post too.

  4. Would do well in US, maybe Chicken Tax? Most US light commercial vehicles are years behind because of this restriction on competition.

  5. I am going to replace my 1995 Dodge Dakota pickup with the first midsize pickup to offer a diesel engine. Since I already have a VW TDI, i would like that truck to be a VW! I am almost 75 years of age and manage a tree farm, so I do not have a whole lot of time to wait for VAG to get its act together. I would also like to have th VW Sharan available for purchase hee in the USA!

  6. Discremination! That is what it is. VW wants to be the largest car manufacturer by 2018. Yet, how can they achieve this if they do not offer N.American customers what we want from their world wide inventory?


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