2011 JOSS JT1 test mule spied by CarsSpyPhotos reader


2011 JOSS JT1

carsspyphotos.net reader Rowan has spotted new 2011 JOSS JT1 supercar at Australian International Aerospace & Defence AirShow.

JOSS JT1 2011

Here is his comment:

This car has been in development for a number of years now and this past weekend at the Australian International Aerospace & Defence AirShow, they displayed their current test mule. Joss are still looking for partners to invest funding in the project however they are speaking to a number of European manufacturers to supply a powerplant (the rumor is with AMG) and they are hoping to build 2 production cars next year. They people at the display very kindly allowed me behind the barriers to get some decent pictures.

Big thanks to Rowan for sending the photos.

JOSS JT1 supercar

2011 JOSS JT1 test mule

2011 JOSS JT1 spy


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