2011 Hyundai Elantra spied Winter Testing



The new Hyundai Elantra has begun cold weather testing as these photos show. And as we can see the new generation Elantra gets a sleeker design and a coupe like roofline, almost like a smaller version of the recently revealed Hyundai Sonata. From the looks it seems like the wheelbase has grown alittle to give the passengers more leg space. There is not so much info out yet on the new Elantra but it’s expected to be powered by Hyundai?s new 2.4 liter direct injection four cylinder engine matched to either a six speed manual or a six speed automatic transmission.

The Elantra will be out on the market as a 2011 model.

2011 hyundai elantra

hyundai elantra 2011

2011 elantra

2011 hyundai elantra spy



  1. Hyundai is on a roll! Ford has released some new, sleek styling, and the Koreans are following suit. Meanwhile, GM and Chrysler have unveiled new cars, but mostly without the makeing the splash of Ford and Kia/Hyundai.

    Hyundai has shown why their market share has grown, and these new products are likely to keep this trend going.

  2. Nice spy photos guys. That one looks pretty heavily camouflaged.
    The Koreans have really done a great job of quickly improving their game plan once they started selling cars over here. Those early ones they brought over here made the first Honda Civics look good.


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