2011 Fiat Uno


2011 fiat uno

Fiat has begun work on the next generation model of Uno, a draft of which is now internally name – Project 327. These photographs were obtained from Brazil, where, incidentally, Fiat enjoyed a good and deserved demand. The model should come into production in 2010. For the first time in the standard Fiat Uno will the airbag.

fiat uno 2011

next gen fiat uno


  1. Can’t stand red cars but this is one of the best looking images of the Uno I’ve seen. Anything’s got to be better than that awful neon yellow/snot green colour. I think Fiat are best at city cars but obviously, that can’t be all they do. I don’t usually mind Fiat’s other cars but I’m not keen on this at all.

  2. it should come to india and before the jimny or the mahindra mini suv launches.. especially with the mini suv concept just opening up in india fiat could do a cameo with this car.. indians do like small vehicles that look big.. n ya they love the kms the car goes before a fill n ya they drool over low prices… the x-factor–indians do like domination on road having a suv or even a mini suv they look down at a Merc besides them… so if it has a good mileage n costs less than say 6-7 lacs, theres nothin to stop it from being a leader in the new trend.. it has looks anyway..


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