Mystery prototype spotted at BMW facility [update]


Here is a tricky one. Our spy photographers spotted this prototype driving inside the BMW FIZ test facility in Munich. But does it really look like a BMW? Or a Mini?

bmw mystery prototype

Even if we are not really sure, we believe it looks more like a smaller coupe from Wiesmann then a new BMW. Just look at the rear lights, the smaller fog and reverse light and so on. The rear glass can be opened to load the trunk, and it looks like a two seater. The design is way to retro for a modern BMW, or what do you think? Could this be the rumored BMW Z2? Or a Z4 Coupe concept? Did Mini change the design on the Mini Coupe totally? Or is it a new Concept for a smaller sports coupe from BMW within the I-project?

bmw mystery prototype 2011
BMW facility
2011 bmw mystery prototype

There are a lot of questions to be answered, but so far the bet is on Wiesmann.


Big thanks to readers and Autoplus in France.

We have got an answer to the question of the mystery prototype that was seen testing at the BMW test facility in Munich.

PGO Hemera

Its a PGO Hemera. PGO is a smaller French company mostly famous for its modern version of the….well…Porsche 356.
The Hermera is what you could call, a 356 Shooting Break.

We know PGO is using engines from the PSA group so that will be the reason why its testing at BMW since BMW and PSA are developing engines together.


  1. sorry for my bad english i am french

    hi !

    i love your website (is in my bookmark)

    for today i think you are wrong

    is not a BMW is a french car !!!!

    PGO Hemera

    continu your good job !!!!

  2. yes it is the Hemera, but the next model I think.

    besides that it is strange to find it at BMW facility, maybe its motor will no longer come from Peugeot…


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