BMW 1-Series M version – first shots of real car


ON, OFF, ON, OFF and now ON again. There has been many decisions if there will come an M version of the 1-series or not, and what will they call it? M1? 1-series M?

But these fresh spyphotos show that the M is on the run, and this time it’s no mule with black fenders. No, this is the real thing. The real front spoiler, the real wider fenders in both front and rear (that the psycodelic camouflage hides very well, but still clear to see) and of course those big wheels. And don’t forget those massive brakes with drilled discs.

So how much power will it deliver? Well it’s be rumors going on and off about 350-370 wild horsepowers so we are just as eager to know as you are. But we are sure this will be a killer.



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